ToonDoo — Do You?

The IT at my school posted on her blog about a site she found called ToonDoo, where you and your students can make your own cartoons.  I tried it out and here’s what I found: 

1. registration is quick, painless, and free — all you have to do is type in a user name and password and you’re done.

2. though there isn’t a really large amount of choices for characters, props, backgrounds, etc., it is a fun tool to use and I can see it being useful in the classroom — whether you are making a cartoon to engage students, or whether you have students make the cartoons themselves to illustrate a concept.

Dentoon Here’s the toon I made (click the thumbnail for a larger view).  Remember, this was my first attempt and I didn’t spend a lot of time with it — but you can see the possibilities are endless.  Try it out and post your comments — How did you like it?  What ideas do you have for using it in your classroom?


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  1. Katie Knapp, VA DEN Chair said:

    Please, please, please be careful using this site with kids! Last week, 20-minutes after I sent out an email to my teachers telling them of this great site, there were some horrible words and comics posted on the front page! Four-letter words and all…

  2. Elaine Plybon - Texas LC - Blog Coordinator said:

    Thank you for pointing that out, Katie (and I should have mentioned it in my original post). ToonDoo does show whatever content is created through its site, so it is completely out of your control to what content your students will be exposed. Educators way wish to restrict the use of ToonDoo to their own production of cartoons for use in the classroom and will definitely want to keep a close watch if they allow students to use the site.

  3. Rajendran Dandapani said:


    My name is Rajendran Dandapani, and I represent ToonDoo, from Jambav.

    We have been pleasantly surprised by the reception from the Teaching Community worldwide, and take the aspect of inappropriate visual and textual content at ToonDoo really seriously.

    We have already put in an “mark as inappropriate” feature, and as many as 45 toons were removed from public view over the last few days.

    Like any social networked, crowd-powered tool, the small team at ToonDoo believes, trusts, and depends on the global community at large to tend to the beauty and purity of content at ToonDoo. Very soon after a particular Toon is marked as inappropriate, we promise that it will be taken off view.

    Meanwhile, we are also working on putting in a “Safe Search” Feature, like Google’s SafeSearch. While registering (or later), you can specify your preferences to allow you to view inappropriate content or not. If you say NO to it, you will never ever see content marked as inappropriate.

    We would love this tool to be used by children and teachers and parents worldwide, for meaningful fun and educational entertainment. If the vulgar possibilities inherent in any such online tool becomes too much to handle, we will obviously lean towards the children community, and just put in a “ALWAYS MODERATE BEFORE PUBLISH” restriction.

    So, no need to worry. Please use ToonDoo, and increase our trust and faith in the predominance of GOOD in the community.


    ToonDude from

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