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The response has been great from DEN members wanting to try our new assessment tool, DETA. Therefore……………..we have decided to extend our invitation until April 13 for those who would like to try it free for the remaining school year!

I recently had a discussion about formative versus summative assessment and would like to hear thoughts from the group. Question: Which do you think has the greater impact on student achievement formative assessment or summative assessment?

I look forward to your responses……………….Donna


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  1. Jennifer Dorman said:

    Personally, I believe that formative assessment has the greater impact. Since formative assessment occurs throughout the instruction process, teachers are able to more readily address problems as they occur. They are able to more effectively tailor instruction to meet the needs of their students if they grasp what those needs are. It is significantly easier to correct a fallacy or misconception when it first occurs than to reteach (unlearn and relearn) after the final assessment when students have, ostensibly, cemented that learning and built upon it. When formative assessment is used consistently and effectively, learning is appropriately framed and scaffolded. Students better understand how the learning transfers and should be better equipped to grasp the relevance of the learning.

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