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21classes Blogs are becoming increasingly popular in education, and teachers are eager to begin using blogs with their students.  Blogs are a wonderful instructional tool because they allow students to publish their writing.  Students can post research notes, keep online journals, publish creative writing, and collaborate with other students on class projects.

Many school districts block access to blogs because much of the content is inappropriate for children.  Luckily, some blog sites are becoming more teacher-friendly and giving teachers more options in setting up blogs which are password protected and private. 

21Publish has just redesigned a blog service called 21Classes

21Classes allows a teacher to set up a classroom blog and add students to the class.  All students have their own login names and passwords as well as the ability to create a blog.  The teacher can create the student accounts or students can be invited by e-mail to join the class. The teacher has a community blog page where all news and assignments are listed.  The community blog is interconnected with the individual student blogs. Teachers can also create team blogs which allow everyone in the class to post to the blog.

There are many privacy options that the teacher can choose from in setting up the blog.  It is possible to make comments available to members of the community blog but not to the general public.  The teacher can also lock down student accounts so that students cannot publish their blog to the public. 

Teachers can easily set up a 21Classes account by going to the website and signing up. The free access allows a teacher to set up a class with 50 students.  Each student has 2MB of disk space allowed.  An upgrade package is available.

Donna Teuber

RCDS1 Technology Educator 


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