Planet Wow!

A couple of weeks ago Debbie Bohanan, Paula Rovnak, (FL DEN Star Educators), their fourth grade class, and I got to go behind the scenes with one of the Planet Earth’s producers, Dr. Penny Allen (see Implementation Blog Posting – "5 Years In The Making")

What we learned and experienced was amazing.  So amazing that it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t open up this amazing opportunity to educators from accross the country.  Now you and your class can experience Planet Earth from the Producer’s point of view!

That’s right, on April 24 at 1 PM EST; the DEN will be hosting a webinar with Dr. Penny Allen.  Penny was one of the BBC producers in the field during the filming of Planet Earth.  Dr. Allen joined the BBC Natural History Unit in 1996 as a researcher on The Blue Planet, a landmark series on the natural history of the world’s oceans. After completing the Blue Planet series, Dr. Allen worked as an Assistant Producer on ‘The Abyss – Live’, which allowed millions of people in Europe and England to watch a live broadcast of an ROV dive in Monterey Bay.  Now she shares her experience in her latest adventure, the making of Planet Earth.

This webinar is intended to be shared with your students, so find a projection unit, a set of speakers, click here to register and prepare (and post to this blog as a comment) questions you would like to ask this record setting filmmaker. 

I look forward to sharing this unique behind-the-scences opportunity with you.  Spots are going to fill fast so make sure that you submit your questions and register soon!

Talk to you soon,

Matt Monjan
Discovery Education, unitedstreaming


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  1. Teryl Magee - Tennessee LC - Chair said:

    All right, maybe this is a silly question, but all of the webinars that I have attended require a computer and a phone line. Is this the instance for the Planet Earth webinar? If so, I am going to need to make arrangements for a place with a phone line that can dial long distance!

  2. Pat Ruffing said:

    Not a silly question. I am wondering the same myself. I think I might be able to manage the phone connection, but even with speaker phone at loudest setting it may not be enough for the size room I was planning to use. Would there be a skype number to use? I only have a free skype account, so I can only dial other computers. I would like to test that out, though, since I have not ever used it because I have no one to skype! Skyping out on the computer should be able to use the computer speakers. Yes? I would love more info on this from experienced skypers.

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