Bring Planet Earth into Your Classroom

Okay, this is the second post I am shamelessly copying from the DEN National Blog, but the content is so cool that I wanted to get it out to the PA DEN as soon as possible. 

If you attended Hall Davidson’s EdTechConnect webinar on Wednesday, you already know about this amazing opportunity.  By the way, if you were unable to attend, definitely check out the resources at Hall’s Media Matters Blog.

Thanks to Scott Kinney for posting this on the DEN National Blog.


Capercaillie_medium_2 USAToday says, “Planet Earth beautifully fulfills its promise: to show you the world in a way you’ve never seen it before.”  The Washington Post states, "Planet Earth sets a new standard in nature documentaries.  Heck, even Oprah has this to say, "I’ve been in television all of my life, and I have never seen anything this good on television—ever."

that you’ve viewed the earth as its never been seen before, meet the
people that brought you this groundbreaking series.  That’s right, on
April 24 at 1 PM EST; the DEN will be hosting a webinar with Dr. Penny
Allen (pictured to the left), one of the BBC producers in the field
during the filming of Planet Earth.  Dr. Allen joined the BBC Natural
History Unit in 1996 as a researcher on The Blue Planet, a landmark
series on the natural history of the world’s oceans. After completing
the Blue Planet series, Dr. Allen worked as an Assistant Producer on
‘The Abyss – Live’, which allowed millions of people in Europe and
England to watch a live broadcast of an ROV dive in Monterey Bay.  Now
she shares her experience in her latest adventure, the making of Planet

This webinar is intended to be shared with your students, so find a projection unit, a set of speakers, click here to register and prepare (and post to this blog as a comment) questions you would like to ask this record setting filmmaker.

UPDATE: Want your own copy of the Pole to Pole episode from Planet Earth?  Visit the Science Connection in Action blog to learn how you can win the DVD!


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