Drawing on Stories

     I have always been a fan of United’s TV ad campaign, “It’s Time to Fly,” that brings sketches to life. Last Thursday, within the space of an hour, I saw their latest, got a fare sale email from them, and was invited to facilitate an AFI ScreenEd workshop in Pittsburgh. As I was checking flights on the United site, I was moved to dig a little deeper and found a page that highlights their ads . You can play the whole series on the web, but my favorite, “The Rose,” is downloadable from their Archives section. What a great story told in just a minute that ends kind of where it began.
     I have seen a few student videos where a class has illustrated and narrated a book. I would think that combining students’ own original art work into any kind of project would naturally extend beyond a single subject area and tap a different set of talents. I pointed out one art teacher’s site a couple of month’s ago and United’s “Making of the Dragon” video actually reminded me of her class’s “Young Sloppy Brush.” Ualdragon
Also, Jason Ohler, storytelling maven and fierce proponent of recognizing art as the fourth “R,” has documented a project where students put themselves into their own drawings with green screen technology.
     So, loyal readers, anybody have some good projects or sites where students’ original art work is used to craft a digital story? Share by adding a comment below.


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