Presentations, presentations…

By now, I think most of us are familiar with the process of
turning PowerPoint slides into jpeg images to insert into a Photostory3
project. If not, search that under the
DEN resources. It’s really simple and
effective (essentially saving your PowerPoint in the “save as” box as jpeg file
interchange). Here is one that I created
for an online presentation on digital equity (no need
to watch it all, just check out what you can do using this method).

I recently came across another novel PowerPoint
integration. This one takes a step
backwards, but really creates some interesting slides. In essence, the concept is just writing your
text on sticky notes and photographing them. Then simply insert the images into your PP. Check out this
(once again, disregard the content of this sample and look at the
presentation itself). I picture using
creative entrances to overlay sticky notes and creating a more dynamic
presentation. Either way, I think the
concept is innovative and artistic!

If you create some
uniquely different PowerPoints, feel free to link them in the comments section.


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  1. rashmi said:


    I have been to your site before and was thrilled to see a post about SlideShare. As a note, SlideShare can be used to embed ANY PowerPoint (or pdf) presentation. Just upload to our site and grab the embed code to embed into your blog. Its much easier than with with any other method.

    Give it a try and do let me know if you have any feedback abous SlideShare.

    the slideshare team
    (rashmi AT slideshare DOT NET)

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