Some Subtle, yet Important, Reminders

It seems my computer is possessed tonight. This is going to be my third time attempting to type up this blog post. Hopefully the third time is the charm! But enough about my problems.

I’ve been trying to get this typed up for the last 4 days and something seems to always crop up and bite me on the backside. There needs to be some disclaimer when you buy a house for the first time, because nowhere did I see anything written about doing all this work! But alas, I’ve found some nice, quiet time to spend with you guys and share with you some IMPORTANT things you guys need to know.

Summer Institutes

If you have not turned in your application for the summer institutes you are quickly running out of time. April 13th is the deadline. I cannot stress to you enough how much fun these events will be. The amount of information, the amount of networking, and the plethora of friends made  are too numerous to count. Not counting the Florida contingent (which 3 of 4 make up your leadership council!) I still talk on a weekly basis with friends from California, Texas and Arizona. You can find the information you need to know about the 3 institutes this summer at this link. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the process.

Spring Training is here!!

It’s spring training time, time to practice and hone your skills! If you hold a training event report it for credit. Getting 3 turned in before June 1st will score you a nice DEN ball cap. Entering events is an easy process (read about how to report an event and what constitutes an event). Use your events to share the resources at our disposal as members of the DEN.

Message from Carole Gooden, Florida Leadership Council Chairperson

If you are a STAR DEN member in Florida and didn’t receive this email she sent out this week, please email me at so we may work on fixing this. We had some issues on our end, and I think they were solved as I received it later the afternoon she sent it.

As always, we are here for you. If you have any questions, suggestions for events, feel free to contact any of us. I’m also looking for guest bloggers to help fill the DEN blogosphere.



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