A Message from the Chair

I had several people already this morning email me with not getting Carole’s email. I will work with her on double checking the mailing list. In the meantime here is here message.

My Dear



They tell me that the third time is the charm. I am going to put that
little piece of wisdom to the test.  Actually, this is about the tenth
time that I have tried to send out this message. Hopefully, this time I will be
successful!! The poster over my desk
titled “Murphy Was An Optimist” is true, indeed!!

It is with excitement and enthusiasm that I am bringing you news
that the DEN has not gone away, it has simply been revised, and you are still a
very integral part of it!! We now have one combined DEN in the state, and
that may well prove to be a good move by Discovery, as everyone will be a
part of this larger organization.

Let me introduce myself to those who do not know me.  My name is
Carole Gooden, and I am from St. Lucie County. I serve as the chair of the
new Florida DEN Leadership Council. The other members of the
Leadership Council are as follows.

  • Tom
         Turner  –  Co-Blog Coordinator
  • Mark
         Hall  – Events Coordinator
  • Debbie
         Bohanan  – Co-Blog Coordinator
  • Melissa
         Lander  – Events
  • Diana
         Echezabal  – Events
  • Carol
         Papuga  – Events
  • Janet
         Hallstrom  –  Events
  • Cheryl
         Woolwine  – Events 

We are eager to get our new and improved DEN off and running, and we
invite you to visit the DEN blog at https://blog.discoveryeducation.comflorida/ and
post your comments. Information about the National Institutes for Summer
2007 is currently posted on the blog.  Please be sure to check this
out. Timelines for registration, as well as a link to FAQs are posted. Last
year’s National Institute in




absolutely fantastic.

We hope to be able to plan events in


that will allow us to meet and
share ideas on ways that the DEN can promote the use of digital resources
and other technologies with our fellow teachers. I know that many STARs
are engaged in several wonderful projects all across the state, and the
Leadership Council truly wants to assist in promoting and sharing these
innovative lessons with our fellow teachers. Each of you is a genuine resource,
and the beauty of the DEN is that we have a marvelous vehicle with
which to help each other. Please be sure to share information about any
special events you are planning.

I look forward to hearing from you, and I know our Blog and Event
Coordinators do too. We want to make the Florida DEN a model for what a
DEN should be. You can reach the coordinators directly at the addresses

You can always reach me directly at goodenc@stlucie.k12.fl.us

I plan to send a message to you by the end of the first week in every
month, and I apologize for the late start this month.

If you will be on Spring Break in the next couple of weeks, take time to
enjoy. Pause, reflect and recharge your batteries for the final weeks of the
school year.

Best regards,


Carole Gooden

Distance Learning Specialist

St. Lucie County Schools

Voice: 772-468-5169

Fax: 772-468-5181

Cell: 772-224-9006


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  1. Janet said:

    Thank you, Carole, for the communication for I feel that is what will make us the strongest DEN state!:)

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