My Wallet

Just thought I’d give you a peek (and an incentive to get your images to me) of what’s in my ‘wallet’ that is techie in nature.


I’ve got my flash drive (compliments of Discovery Education, of course!), my Exilim camera for those spur-of-the Kodak (in this case, Casio) moments, my cell phone, my Olympus digital recorder (I spend a lot of time in my car and seem to do my best thinking there and so far have been unable to mutlitask the driving and writing thing), my Palm Life Drive, and my new acquisition a SanDisk Sansa Express which will allow me and my students to create on the fly podcasts (look for more on that in the future). 

A wish list item….hmm, so many toys, so little time….Even though it wouldn’t fit in my ‘wallet’, I’m dying to get a Sony Vaio C-series laptop in Spring Green (second choice would be the Hot Pink).  So if any Sony people are reading this and would like to make me happy you know how to reach me! LOL

Don’t forget…April 15th is the deadline to get your images to me at

What’s in your wallet New York?

‘Stay Tuned and Stay Connected!’


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