Some Recent Changes

Over the next few days, you may hear of some organizational changes taking place at Discovery Communications, Inc., the parent company of the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC…and yes, Discovery Education.  Therefore, I wanted to take a few minutes and proactively address any of your concerns and how these changes may affect Discovery Education and specifically, the Discovery Educator Network (DEN).

Over the past few months, David Zaslav, the new CEO of Discovery Communications, Inc., has made strategic changes throughout the company to make Discovery a leaner, more aggressive organization.  As a result, Discovery Education is now under the leadership of Bill Goodwyn, president, Domestic Distribution and Enterprises, a 20 year veteran of Discovery.  His focus over the next year is two-fold.  First, to refocus Discovery Education in the K-12 environment, strengthening already incredible products such as unitedstreaming and implementing a new product line bringing the best educational media and resources to classroom teachers in specific content areas.  Second, to leverage the amazing resources of Discovery, providing once in a lifetime opportunities for teachers across the country.  An early example of this was the DEN’s participation in the Planet Earth premiere

So what does all this mean for the DEN?  The answer…all good things.  Bill is committed to the DEN and is amazed at its members’ level of expertise, enthusiasm and willingness to share with others across the country.  The DEN team is equally excited about the future, which is filled with opportunities including access to the Discovery Channel media, webinars with Discovery Channel film makers, and once in a lifetime event opportunities.   

Already in 2007 we have had some great moments ranging from major media events like the Planet Earth world premiere to incredible DEN gatherings at conferences such as FETC, PETE&C, CUE and IL-TCE.  Looking forward, the DEN team stays committed to supporting your efforts and providing the best possible opportunities including the DEN National Institutes, the Discovery Media Challenge and a new improved DEN presence.  We look forward to what the future brings and know that, with your support, the DEN will continue to grow and thrive.


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  1. Teryl Magee said:

    Scott, thank you so much for this informative post. I know someone who is close to Discovery that had said that some more shake-ups were coming, and I was hoping that the DEN would still be there! I am thrilled that it is! I look forward to working with everyone that is part of the DEN this year and in the years to come!

  2. Tonya Wilson said:

    YEs, thanks also Scott. I have been with the DEN for just under a year and I have experience a lot of changes. Have the DEN still available excites me. I am looking forward to the changes that will engage educators in grade K-12. Not until I joined the DEN did I realize all of the products that Discovery has to offer educators and students.

  3. MaryAnn Sansonetti said:

    Thank you, Scott! I am so glad to see the strengthened commitment to the DEN. It is a living and breathing network which needs to continue to grow!

  4. Tracy Standhart said:

    Wow! Yet another change… but this time, seemingly for the better. I was nervous when I first started reading your post, but thrilled when I finished. Although difficult for me to attend the recent events, being a STAR Educator has been one of the most fulfilling professional development experiences in my teaching career. I look forward to more terrific opportunities in the future.

  5. Lee Kolbert said:

    Thanks for the info. I’m curious about what these changes will bring to unitedstreaming, OnePlace and ThinkLink. BTW, do you think they know that the image on the home page of Discovery Communications, Inc (the iceberg) is not an actual photo but part of an urban legend? See this article on Snopes:

  6. Donna Criswell said:

    Looking forward to continued support for those of us in the trenches.. students and teachers!

  7. Elaine Plybon - Texas LC - Blog Coordinator said:

    I, too, was a little nervous when I started reading the post, but thankfully, it sounds like this will mean good things! The DEN has been the most influential and empowering experience I have had as a teacher. It has given me confidence, a network of wonderful teachers to collaborate with, and resources that I would not have otherwise been able to secure. I’m anxious to hear more about what’s next! Thank you for the heads up, Scott!

  8. Sarah Johangiry said:

    Thanks for the update! I am so excited for all that is to come! My experiences with DEN have been amazing for me and my students! Keep up the great work Discovery!

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