Unitedstreaming Rejunvinated my teaching!

Erin Towns, history teacher at Edward Little High school has become a Star DEN member and is very excited about the offerings she has had through unitedstreaming at her fingertips. She sums up her experiences here: "unitedstreaming has drastically altered the way I present information to my students.  With almost every topic I teach, and within every presentation I design – I include clips and sometimes full videos that I download from unitedstreaming.   The information is laid out in such a way that I am able to download the most significant portion of a video.  These clips have resulted in better comprehension of the material by students and go on to result in higher quiz and test scores for all levels of students.   It has made a difference not only professionally to me, but personally as well.  I am passionate again about designing lessons, something that as a teacher with a few years under the belt, needed – it provides me with the ability to be very creative while being efficient. "