Confirmation of National Institutes

Ok IL DEN members…  check the status of your National Institute application.  Here is a post from Jannita Demian that you should check out.  Click Here 

There are only a few days left so don’t miss out!  What a great opportunity…

For any of you going, why don’t you post a comment here and people can start the communication process!  GO IL DEN!  My apologies as I can not attend any of the dates due to prior commitments but I look forward to hearing from you all on how things went!


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  1. Anne Truger said:

    I sent my app in the day they came out! I can only attend one due to time commitments elsewhere, so I am really crossing my fingers!! Can’t wait to hear!

    Anyone else from IL DEN applying? I applied for the Florida institute.


  2. Lori A said:

    Wish I could go – but I’ll be in AZ – now if they planned one there next summer – I’m in!!

  3. Anne Truger said:

    I got in to the Florida Institute! I am sooooo excited! Is anyone else from Illinois going?


  4. Anne Truger said:

    Hi Melanie! I am from the North burbs, I will be flying out of Ohare.

    I am also attending NECC from Fri-Thurs.

    I am sooo happy to see someone else from Illinois will be at the Florida Institute!


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