A BANG for your Buck

And best of all it’s ***FREE***!!!

What am I talking about?  Why DEN’s EdTechConnect webinars of course!  I just finished an hour with Lance as he presented UnitedStreaming 24/7 and let me tell you I’d get that man to pack my suitcase any day (referring, of course, to how information he can ‘pack’ in an hour)!  He was able to present more information in under an hour, than I’ve seen staff developers present in a day!  You can download the PowerPoint from the DEN Blog (just look for the April 11th posting).

Just a sampling of what Lance shared:

1.  One of the PowerPoint slides will show a ‘Standard’ UnitedStreaming homepage next to a ‘Customized’ homepage.  You can customize your homepage by going to the ‘Preferences’ tab and clicking on the ‘My HomePage’ tab.  Get the content YOU want on the homepage.

2.  Creative use of the Calendar feature:  At the beginning of the school year, create a Birthday PowerPoint for your class (if you get your class list early, you might want to create the PowerPoint over the summer and ‘tweak’ it with any new additions/deletions of students).  Download a clip for each student’s birthday.  Show the clip, then tell the class, "Something else very important happened on this day.  If your birthday is this day stand up and share one thing you’ll do that will make you famous enough to have your own video on UnitedStreaming."  (Idea developed by one of the STAR DEN educators that Lance met in one of his many presentations.  Although at this point anonymous we’ll be happy to edit this post to recognize you.)

3.  For those of you who use closed captions (and if you don’t, you should start): Did you know you can actually increase the size of the font of the closed caption?  I didn’t!  Check out one of the PowerPoint slides for the exact steps.  (Waaaaay too detailed for me to go into it here.)

Upcoming Webinars:

April 18: Widgetizing the Builders with Steve Dembo
April 25: Do you Have the Audacity to Podcast? with Jannita Demian

These webinars are INCREDIBLE!!!  Get your mouse over to EdTechConnect to sign up.  I guarantee, you won’t regret it.

‘Stay Tuned and Stay Connected!’


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  1. Tonya Wilson said:

    Thanks for sharing, Nancy! I’ll visit that site today. I am always looking for innovative ways of introducing technology to my teachers.

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