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I’m not sure about everyone out there reading this, but I know that for me, the beginning of my exciting experiences with Discovery Education started with a little product called unitedstreaming.  I was a new teacher and hungry for any help I could get in filling up my block schedule.  The teacher I was replacing handed me a piece of paper with a passcode on it and said "I never got around to checking this out, but it might be something you could use".  I signed up and started looking for videos.  Through that novice beginning, I became acquainted with the Discovery Educator Network, and as they say, the rest is history!

After reading the Powerpoint from Lance’s "unitedstreaming 24/7" webinar, I realized something.  After all of the institutes, events, workshops, and webinars I’ve attended with the DEN, I’ve totally neglected the one product that started it all for me!  I’ve learned all about digital storytelling and how to use Photostory, MovieMaker, Premiere Elements, Google Earth, etc., and I tend to share those things with other educators, NOT the basics of unitedstreaming

The point of this post is …. don’t forget the "basics" — you have new teachers and experienced educators alike who can benefit from the use of unitedstreaming as it sits, without the addition of other software.  I held a staff development last week at my school which was geared towards the new user of unitedstreaming, but I encouraged veteran users to attend as well.  As the "veterans" left the room after the presentation, I heard them commenting about how surprised they were that they had actually learned something new about unitedstreaming. 

Tell us how YOU were introduced to the DEN.  Do you have an amusing story to tell about your early days with unitedstreaming?  What is your very favorite thing to do with unitedstreaming?  Comments, please!


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  1. pomullan said:

    I was introduced to DEN when Chris Marshall visited El Paso, Tx and presented an in-service on how to use United Streaming. Boy was I hooked…! Here was an answer to my never ending question of how was I suppose to condense everything I needed to teach in one hour a week per subject..Ohhh..4 hours..4 subjects. Many different levels…many different grades…many different students. I was a new Homebound/ Hospital teacher and was eager to find new and exciting ways to present material to my students. Needless to say, that was five years ago and I am still learing new tips and using the DEN to help me help my students. I have HOOKED some of my fellow homebound teachers on United Streaming. It’s hard to imagine me..not using United Streaming in my powerpoint lessons. DEN has given me a teaching tool for the future and I intend on using it for a VERY LONG time…Okay, until I retire.

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