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Crowd This blog is dedicated to motion media in all its forms—and here’s one outside most boxes. These people in the crowd at the Texas Library Association were there to watch media move in a way I’ve never seen before. It was the annual Book Cart Drill Team Competition.  Librarians in wild costumes marching and spinning book carts to music and choreography.  Yes, librarians. Photos just don’t do it justice.  The wild team from Austin (city motto: "Keep Austin Weird" –yes, there’s a website) was just plain, well, weird with a series of barcoded costume changes and flying scarves.  But they couldn’t beat out the fabulous veteran team from Cy-Fair, the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District from Houston. Keepem This astonishing team simply rocked out.  Librarians have always known the value of all kinds of media, and we all recognize that media with motion is the best way to get into the human mind–but this multimedia experience blends text and motion into a spectator sport.  A Google for Book Cart Drill Teams shows this is a national phenom.  How did we not know…  Speaking of more traditional media, the recent fires in Los Angeles reminded me of a great basic film/video technique.  When the fires crept over the hill toward my houseImg_0134  (check the picture from my front steps), the yellow-tinged smoke effectively filtered the sun, creating a completely different light environment.  You can just see on the car, the reflection of light and sun that is gold, not clear.  It was eerie.  And replicable for film/video!  By inserting a lens filter onto or over your lens, color changes, making the world slightly but Coroshift perceptibly different.  It is great for differentiating characters or different states of mind, other planets, flashbacks, etc.  You can do this with software like Adobe Premiere Elements or iMovie plug-ins,but with a lens filter the effect is subtle and surreal.  Your video camera might not have a threaded lens that will take nice screwed in filter–so just buy a big one and gaffer tape to the camera. And don’t reset the white balance or you’ll defeat the effect.  From books carts to raging fires, this blog brings you media!  And, as the fire climbed toward the Hollywood sign, I was the only one shooting pics of cars. 

Tla07 BTW, below are the iPod handouts for the Texas Library Association session. The presentation just keeps growing!Download iPod3.pdf


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  1. Karen C. Seddon said:

    Librarians in wild costumes! I wish I had seen that. Hall, this is your best handout ever. Thanks for teaching me so much. I pass it on every where I go. In fact I have a little podcast on my site called, “An iPod For Every Teacher.”

    It truly is the tool that will transform our teaching. Just think Hall, we don’t even work for Apple!

    As always, I am
    Ubiquitously Yours,


  2. Hall Davidson said:

    Thanks, Karen! A download of your podcast is in progress. I think it is also worth sharing your story about your iPod. The moral was that iPods, while not perfect, are backed well by Apple. Your turn around from Apple was amazing!

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