Pay Attention

Thought I’d share Steve Dembo’s most recent post (the video below) from his DEN blog, Digital Passports– If you haven’t been there yet, you really should go get your passport stamped…

Thanks for the inspiration/motivation, Steve!

Here’s my comment to his post (visit Steve’s DEN blog to read others- great energy there!)

"Just the VOLUME of comments so soon on this post should tell us all
point blank how effective MEDIA RICH learning really is!!! No offense
Steve, because your text-based posts are always awesome:), but how many
of us felt COMPELLED to respond to this post much quicker than usual?
Asks yourselves- Why? Because of the Mode of Transmission of the
Content! With great deference to Hall’s blog… MEDIA MATTERS!! As
teachers, we all need to get out of Our comfort zone & try our
Student’s world on for size:)- We might actually find out that we like
it (AND we might actually engage more of our students-WOW)!"

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  1. Tonya Wilson said:

    People often say, a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s true, well this video clip is worth a million.I will be using this as an icebreaker prior to future professional development training. It can be an obstacle hooking certain people and I think that this will really catch thier attention.

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