unitedstreaming 24/7 Follow-up

     As I was reflecting on Lance’s webinar from last Wednesday and looking through the chat and PowerPoint, I thought there were a couple of points I could elaborate on.
     iPod Video Out Connection – You can use/buy any camcorder video cable with a 1/8” mini-plug at one end and red, white and yellow jacks at the other to connect a video iPod to a TV or LCD projector. However, due to some proprietary wiring on Apple’s part, the video will come through the RED (usually) connector and one of the audio channels then is on the YELLOW. If you buy Apple’s AV connector (almost twice as much) the colors match up standard.
     Green Screen – Hall is working on a thorough post about using the chroma key capability in video editing software to layer a video over another video or picture just like you see with every weather report on TV. This is built in to the Adobe Premiere and Final Cut families of software. Visual Communicator (now an Adobe product) also does a nice job with this, but clips you want to add need to be edited in another program. VC lets you do a great job of making a news broadcast type video, but doesn’t have the ability to edit clips itself (at least the last version I used). Basically, you are telling the chroma key filter to replace one specific color in a clip with the pixels of another video or photograph. If a person is wearing that color, that part of clothing is replaced with the background video or photo. A lot of movie special effects are done this way. You can buy fabric or plastic table cloths in just about any “key” color, but green and blue are the most common. Or you can go as far as painting a wall.Lanceinmovie
I know of a couple of school studios that have painted an entire room/booth/closet including the floor. Lighting has to be fairly even; shadows and big wrinkles can change the color for the camera’s “eye.” Lance’s example extends to his feet and literally lets him step into the shot. You can also get some interesting effects by wrapping yourself in the key color.
     Chroma key and other plug-ins are availble for iMovie (sorry, PC people, apparently you can’t write plug-ins for MovieMaker): eZedia, GeeThree (get the free sampler), Stupendous Software, Virtix, (get free ones here too, especially the flames) all have nice packages, and cf/x lets you buy their plug-ins one at a time (~$3.50). Read cf/x’s warnings and try before you buy.


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