Tech Forum Orlando

I will have to say, Friday went just way too fast for me. As you can see, your Florida DEN bloggers represented well, and thank you to David Warlick for being kind enough to take this picture with us.

David was the keynote and I had barely enough time to keep up with the Inspiration Concept Map I was using to take notes with while he was talking. His Keynote was his "Reinventing & Retelling the Education Story" and left us with the one thought from a student which was pretty nice, "Engage us where we live, Not from where you live." His topics ranged from gaming, blogging, wikis, podcasting, to recognizing what the office of the past has in common with the office of the future. If I’m not mistaken, the only thing there was left from the office of the 20th Century was a couple of flower pots.

The Tech Forum gave us many opportunities to network with the other educators in attendance. I sat in a roundtable discussing that was tackling the topic of safety and security vs. web 2.0 applications. The common theme that the educators present all had was district IT and security people blocking sites that have a great potential for educational content and collaboration. Case in point, just as of this week in my district was blocked. We were unfortunately unable to come up with a good way to combat this conundrum.

I did not get to sit in Kay’s presentation on digital storytelling (sorry Kay). But I did get to talk with her and she said it went well. Hopefully the attendees learned just as much from her as I have over the last few years in working with her.

I was a big winner in one of the prize drawings, which I never win anything. Just wished it was the Qwizdom 32 handheld classroom set. Missed it by one pull! But seeing that in use for the FIRST time, I was truly amazed. I think I’ve found another thing I will have to have my principal get. I had a GREAT time yesterday, learned some, knew some, will start dawdling in Second Life just to see what the craze is all about. Look for me, Mithras Barbosa if you are there.



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  1. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    wish I had heard about this sooner would of loved to attend- oh well maybe next time!

  2. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Congratulations on your big win at the conference. It was great to get together and network with other educators who are just as excited about technology integration as we are.

    Nice photo!

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