Memphis LC Posts New Podcast!

Cindy Putnam alerted me to a podcast website for Memphis City Schools.  I’ve been listening to some of them, and they are awesome!  It makes me really jealous that our system is so "behind the times"!  I’ve now added this site to my favorites list so I can continue to learn from our partners across the state.

They recently posted a podcast titled "Talking Things Over in the DEN."  When you get to the podcast site, scroll down the a little to find this one.

Thanks Cindy!  And thanks to the West TN Leadership Council!


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  1. Teryl Magee, TN DEN LC Chair said:

    Cindy and the rest of the gang in W TN–the podcast is great! Thanks for giving us a plug in Memphis. We are working on a big push is E TN to be coming soon!

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