Orange Maroon

Picture_3Greetings to you all,

    Spring is a time to rejuvenate and shake off the winter blues. This past week has been Spring vacation for most of the Maine schools. We started out with a snow storm followed by a devastating northeaster. We may have lost property and suffered damage but nothing can compare to the lives we lost here at home at especially those at Virginia Tech. April 20th has been declared Orange and Maroon Day and for the next few days you will see DEN paying tribute with an orange / maroon theme. Friday, April 20th, at noon bells across the country rang to honor those effected by VT’s tragedy. Maine schools were on vacation, perhaps we can all do our part this next week and ask our administration for a moment of silence and ringing of a noon bell during this next week to pay our own tribute to those that have lost heir lives, loved one or a friend this past week. We extend our deepest sympathy to all of those effected, our prayers and thoughts are with you.