“Professional Language of the Future?”

     Just looking through David Warlick’s “2 Cents Worth” blog the other day I found a post referencing a March 6, 2005 article in the NY Times by Elizabeth Van Ness titled “FILM; Is a Cinema Studies Degree the New M.B.A.?” Though just over two years old, it’s right on the money talking about the power of digital storytelling to get your message across. From gangs to people reinforcing their social power, digital storytellers might feel “that cinema isn’t so much a profession as the professional language of the future.” The article points out that with just over 15,000 directorial and producer jobs in the U.S., parents and students might have been leery using college tuition on film classes in the past. “The U.S.C. Cinema-Television dean, Elizabeth Daley, argues that to generalize such skills has become integral to the film school’s mission. More than 60 academic courses at U.S.C. now require students to create term papers and projects that use video, sound and Internet components. ‘If I had my way, our multimedia literacy honors program would be required of every student in the university,’ she said.”
     "Amen!" says I.

Picture credit: IRC. "Thomas Edison with a Film Projector." unitedstreaming: http://www.unitedstreaming.com


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