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Greetings Maine Educators!

Meet and greet the Maine Leadership DEN Team – Wednesday April 25th 4:30 – 7:00 Sherwood Heights School, Auburn Maine.
Just a note to let you know we have been approved for a meeting this Wednesday! So sorry about the short final notice but with vacation behind us things did not get done as efficiently as they might have, hopefully better late than never. We are planning to meet at Sherwood Heights in Auburn for "Podcasts and Pizza". The webinar on podcasting starts at 5:00pm EST we will have pizza & soda available at 4:30pm, the webinar is "Audacity to Podcast" being given by Jannita Demian. We will have a speaker phone and projector to enhance the webinar. Certificates of attendance will be available upon request. Please RSVP to cmiller@auburnschl.edu so we can have an accurate count. If you need driving directions just ask for them in your email and I’ll email them to you. Any other questions call Mauri Dufour, Maine Events Planner 795-0433 during or evening. On the day of the event please call Sherwood Heights School 783-8526 ext 270.
Star Den members may bring interested guests!
Maine Leadership Team


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  1. Katie Warren said:

    What a great way to have an event and learn about podcasting! Hurray for Maine LC!

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