MyMaps, anywhere I want them

Recently Google added the ability to mark up Google Maps and save them.  While that’s incredibly cool, I wanted to find a way to embed them into my own web pages as a widget.  While I did discover a way to do so, and included it in the Widgets presentation last week, it was hardly easy or elegant.  In fact, to be honest, it was kind of a pain in the @$$.  So, you can imagine my excitement when I saw a newer, shinier way to do it on Tim Lauer’s weblog!

The new method can be found here, and while it’s still a little tricky, it gives you much more control of the output.  In particular, you can choose to have the zoom controls on the map, and can easily set your center point. 

As an example, I grabed Dlepoire’s Virtual Tour of Russian History, and ran it through the widgetizing tool.  The end result was the map below.  Pretty sweet, eh?  The window is a little small for this blog, but you can always make it bigger based on your needs.  It’s getting easier and easier.  Oh, and in answer to your next question, yes you can embed links to unitedstreaming images, audio and videos into your MyMaps.


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  1. Martha Thornburgh said:

    OK, I must be missing something. I went to My Maps on Google. I created a map to go with our “Year on Earth” study. Now I can’t figure out how to get the map I made to work with the embedding tool. Do I have to created the map in the embedding tool? If so… I can’t figure out how to do that. Ideas?

  2. Daniel Rubin said:

    You just need to copy the KML link from the bar on top of your created map on My Maps site, and then paste it into a box labeled “My Maps KML” on the tool.

    Then click a button labeled ‘Overlay’ and your map shall appear.

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