Way Out West Technology Conference

Join us this weekend on April 28th at the Way Out West Conference on the ASU West campus. The theme this year is Redifining Literacy and the keynote speaker is Bernajean Porter.  Three members of the Arizona DEN Leadership Council will be presenting throughout the day.

Technology for Teachers

This presentation will demonstrate effective motivating ways to integrate the use of technology tools readily available in classrooms. Examples will include student and teacher interactive, and creative uses of PowerPoint including digital photos and video clips. In addition, ways to create a simple but effective class website will be shown. Carlene Shortz

Differentiating Curriculum Through Technology

Participants will learn ways to deliver instruction through technology. Demonstration will include: examples of teacher and student use of Internet sites, PowerPoint, teacher designed websites, voxproxy, and unitedstreaming. Carlene Shortz

Working with DEN (Discovery Educator Network)

This is a "shout out" to get more teachers into the Discovery Education fold! This site connects teachers to their most valuable resource each other! The Discovery Educator Network is a global community of educators excited by the power of digital media and want to collaborate and share resources with others.  Darcy White

Digital Publishing in the Classroom

Allowing students access to the web for publishing purposes not only improves the quality of the work, but the motivation to perform as well. Join me to learn about free and easy ways to have your students publishing ASAP.  Diana Laufenberg 

Please join us for a fabulous day that ends the three conference series sponsored by AzTEA.

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    Finally back in the office – I’ll get the hang of this soon with your help. The slideshow was a great introduction to the team – sorry that it wasn’t clear to me what was to be submitted. I’ll catch up…wish that I could meet you all f2f at WOW, but please stop by to see my other teammates at the ASSET booth. V

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