Going to NECC?

The National Educational Computing Conference will be here before you know it.  Being held from June 24 through June 27, 2007 in Atlanta Georgia, we would love to host a DEN event or two.  So we can plan accordingly, please take a moment and let us know if you are planning to attend and if so, what type of activities you would be interested in attending.

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  1. Michele Futch said:

    I will be there. I would love to attend any type of event offered by DEN!

    FLORIDA DEN Member

  2. Tom Turner said:

    I will be there for the full time and would love to see you guys at a pre con AND a dinner 🙂

  3. Linda Rush said:

    I have already registered for NECC and can’t wait to attend the conference. Please include me in any and all activities with the DEN.

  4. Ann Jablonski said:

    I will be arriving in Atlanta Sunday (early afternoon). I would love to attend any activities with the DEN while in town. This will be my first time at NECC!

  5. Anne Truger said:

    I am arriving on friday evening and staying until Thurs afternoon. I would love to participate in DEN activities as time allows. I am already receiving invites to reserve days…so I hope some decisions are made soon. Last year I was double booked and couldn’t make it.


  6. Gail Barna said:

    I am planning to be in Atlanta; hopefully the funding will be approved. I’m certain anything you offer will be wonderful. I attended the DEN meeting at PETE&C and came away with a wealth of information.

  7. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    WOuld love to attend NECC but I am still looking for funding so at this time I am unable to attend

  8. Mary Davis -- Pennsylvania said:

    I am attending NECC but not arriving until Saturday evening. Looking forward to anything else you might offer. The San Diego dinner was a lot of fun!

  9. Suzanne Wesp said:

    I will be attending NECC. I am arriving Saturday, probably late afternoon. NECC is so great! Would love to attend a DEN meeting.

  10. Laurie Ellis said:

    I’m so excited to go to NECC! This will be my first time there. I would be happy to see some friendly WI faces 🙂

  11. Stevie Kline said:

    I am coming to NECC for the first time and am very excited about attending. I have already had a Saturday morning arrival approved, so I am not able to attend a full day preconference, but I would love to be able to come to a dinner.

  12. Rebecca Amerson said:

    I am attending NECC and would love to attend a DEN event. It’s great having NECC in Georgia….welcome, everyone, to Atlanta!

  13. D. Thomson said:

    I will be arriving Saturday night and would love to spend time with other DEN members.

  14. Linda Epps said:

    I will be at NECC and I am looking forward to the DEN events.

  15. Mable H. said:

    Registered for NECC. Looking forward to a DEN event.

  16. Talitha Simeona-Moon said:

    I will be there the entire week and would love to meet for dinner.

  17. Lori Emmer Miller said:

    This will be my first time attending NECC and I would love to attend a DEN dinner/evening event. I will be arriving in Atlanta on Sunday early afternoon.

  18. Dorethia Myers said:

    I will be attending NECC and looking forward to DEN events. I will be arriving late Saturday and I plan to stay until the following Sunday, making it a vacation and time to visit family and friends.

  19. Cathy Nelson said:

    Yes I will be there too. I am trying to participate in the EdubloggerCon before the conference too.

  20. Ann Meyer said:

    I am planning to attend the NECC conference and have registered for two all day events on Saturday and Sunday. I would be available for events or dinner on Mon-Wed.
    I am excited about attending this event.

  21. Amy Dent said:

    Count me in for dinner. This is my first DEN event and cant wait to meet and greet. I will be there with my Southern Bells on!!

  22. Amy Dent said:

    Count me in for dinner. My first DEN event. I’ll be there with my Southern Bells on!

  23. Genny Kahlweiss said:

    Yes, I will be at NECC. I am looking forward to the great DEN events. It will be fun to meet DEN teachers from Atlanta, GA. I will be arriving on Saturday afternoon.

  24. Gay Grissom said:

    Hi all,
    I will be at NECC..my first time. I would love to attend a DEN dinner. All of the previous DEN activities I have attended in Texas have been great.

  25. Kevin Conner said:

    Arriving Sunday afternoon – need to attend an activity related to CFF in PA, which rules out a preconference, but I llike the idea of doing dinner in the ATL.

  26. Jennifer W said:

    Had a great time at Dave and Busters last year — so I know this year will be just as good!!

    Count me in on any DEN events — especially since now I am a real DEN member and not just a groupie!! (LOL, they were very generous to let me tag along last year!)

    Jennifer Wagner

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