Planet Earth Webinar

I just have to share with the rest of the PA DEN how fantastic the Planet Earth webinar with Dr. Penny Allen was this afternoon. 

I enrolled my 7th period class of 9th graders.  In preparation for the webinar, we watched the "Pole to Pole" episode in class.  We did a little virtual touring with the Google Earth / Planet Earth XML.  I also posted the accompanying online Planet Earth resources on my class blog.  My students submitted questions to me through the blog and e-mail.  By the way, we watched the episode on my SmartBoard . . . the students’ jaws were literally dropping every few minutes.  The quality of the image and, of course, the content were breathtaking. 

Though I have attended numerous EdTechConnect webinars, I didn’t really know what to expect this afternoon.  My initial observations were tremendously positive.  The students were enchanted by the thought of being "in a class" with 60+ other schools.  The were cheering every time another PA class announced themselves in the chat window.  They loved that Dr. Allen was speaking with them from England and that they were sharing the experience with hundreds of other students.  When Lance introduced the students in Harrisburg who were able to ask a question live over the phone my class was aching to have the same opportunity.  They thought it was so cool.  When of my students, Steph, was able to ask a live question (thanks Scott) I had to immediately mute my phone to prevent the rest of the attendees from hearing the excited cheering erupting in my classroom.  They just got such a kick out of the whole experience and they walked away disappointed that they couldn’t stay for the entire time. 

So, thank you, Discovery.  You provided my students with an indelible experience. 


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  1. Linda Goss said:

    I really enjoyed the article. Its nice when you find something that is not only informative but entertaining. Awesome!

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