Exciting Opportunities

I want to pass along two exciting opportunities from DEN . . .

1. Are you planning to attend NECC, the granddaddy of all ed tech conferences, this June?  If so, you are definitely lucky and making me duly jealous.   So, if you are one of the lucky attendees, the DEN team would like to assess your level of interest in DEN-sponsored events so they can start planning.  Please visit the DEN National Blog to log your interest on the cool embedded PollDaddy survey widget.

2. I know that many of you have taken advantage of the outstanding professional development that the DEN offers through the EdTechConnect webinar series over the past two years.  If you are like so many other Discovery Educators, you have left those webinars empowered to try out widgets, unitedstreaming builders, digital storytelling, podcasts, and plethora of other fantastic technology applications.  Well . . . you may now be able to return the favor and contribute to the DEN community as a STAR of the May 23rd EdTechConnect webinar!  Visit the DEN National Blog to learn more.


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