Space Week Webinar: Meet the Producer

Join us next Friday, May 4th at 1 PM (EST) for a very special webinar with Allan Butler, producer of The Science Channel’s first ever: Space Week

Allan is an Executive Producer at Discovery Channel and The Science Channel in Silver Spring, Maryland.  Over the past three years, he has overseen the production of over 150 hours of documentary films for these two networks, including such acclaimed shows as: Tomb Builders: Secrets of the Valley of the Kings; the weekly newsmagazine Discoveries This Week; Blind Hope, the story of one man’s courageous quest to regain his eyesight using an experimental brain implant; and live coverage of the most recent Space Shuttle launch. 

Current productions include: 

  • Geologic Journey, a voyage across North America to discover its major geologic features
  • Hatshepsut, a forensic detective mystery to track down a long lost female Egyptian Pharaoh
  • Exploring Time, an NSF-funded series that examines the varied timeframes in which the earth’s systems operate

Allan has also been involved in the production of dozens of programs about space exploration, and is overseeing the Science Channel’s special slate of space programming known as "Space Week 2007", which takes place the week of May 6th, 2007.

Join us for a special conversation with Allan right before the launch of Space Week 2007.  Bring your students.  Invite your colleagues.   It will be a blast (pun intended)!

We encourage you to submit your students’ questions in advance.  Post them as a comment to this blog or email me (

Click here to register for the webinar.


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  1. bryan Pender said:

    A recent viewing of the TV ads for the upcoming “Space Week” is really intriging- we are sure to tune in.
    Can anyone tell me who band or musicians are that are playing with the recent Space Week ads?? Great selection!


  2. Judith Kringler said:

    Since watching “Space Week”, I have seen one of the graphics in the program ‘borrowed’ and used as a hoax. It was sent to the “Coast to Coast” radio program and is being touted as a ‘sighting’. I have e-mailed the show host with this information to no avail. This graphic is still being sent out on the internet as a real space craft. I thought someone should be aware of this fraudulant information.

  3. Shamun Mahmud said:

    Allan Butler? Is that the same Allan Butler from Amdahl? He was someone that I admired.

    Can anyone provide Allan’s email address?


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