Digital Storytelling 2.0

     Just presented at Technology & Learning’s Chicago TechForum last Friday with David Jakes and Jon Orech, both from the Downers Grove high schools in Illinois. We had a meeting of the minds a couple of weeks before and I thought we sketched out a pretty good plan to cover the complete spectrum of digital storytelling, from the solid foundation of writing to making movies to all the tools and outlets available on the Internet. Without having seen any of the evaluations, I have to think we managed to exceed our own plans and expectations. Dave did a great job of setting the stage and showing where we are going and actually are on the web while Jon, the English teacher among us, concentrated on the writing and thought process behind transitions and panning/zooming a photograph. That was a perfect set-up for my Makin’ Movies take on storytelling and its visual grammar. There’s a Wiki with Dave and Jon’s hand outs. Mine will be up there soon. I have to lift some stills out of my example videos so the slides make some sense. But read Jon’s article and check out Dave’s web resources in the meantime.


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