Happy May! Spring is here!
    Auburn teachers have been exploring the idea of creating podcasts. Discovery Network did a workshop for us using the program Audacity. The presentation went very well and stirred up excitement. As always in technology and in our multiple platform world there are  somethings to think about for us Mainers, who for the most part, live in the educational world of Macs. As for Auburn, most of our computers have the program Garage Band. Some of us are exploring this program to create podcasts. It is very user friendly and we don’t have to do any downloads. The program Audacity works on some of the older computers but as we update there are conflicts and using the program Lame to export as a MP3 file does not play nice with our computers. If any of you have comments, questions or can offer help to us newbies please let us know, perhaps we can plan some future workshops.


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  1. Sharon Sizemore said:

    Please feel free to explore my classroom blog page where each of my first grade students is currently posting a podcast. We use Garage Band to do our podcast – they LOVE it! I’ve just been podcasting since November – and it takes LOTS of practice and patience! You may go to http://www.sizemoressidelines.blogspot.com

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