What time is it?….SOL Time!

Not only has the warm weather arrived, but so has SOL time. I’ve received emails from teachers who are
looking for fun innovative ways to review for SOL’s. Luckily this was a topic on the ITRT
(Instructional Technology Resource Teacher) message board. Chris Wyatt, ITRT for Hampton City Schools in
Hampton,VA has created a wiki page in an effort to gather and share resources. Please visit the TiPS (Technology in Public
Schools) wiki and click on SOL Resources to view resources that other teachers
have used.

Another great place for SOL review is the Quia Website. Quia is pronounced key-ah,
and is short for Quintessential Instructional Archive. Quia provides a
wide variety of tools, including, templates for creating 16 different types of
online activities, including flash cards, word search, battleship, challenge
board, and cloze exercises. Quia activities are designed with different
learning styles in mind to suit the needs of all your students. If you wish to
create your own online activities, there is a subscription fee. The good news
is that Quia also has a shared activities
which is a great starting point for new users and it doesn’t cost
anything. There are activities in more than 150 categories and all of the games
were created by instructors using Quia’s templates. Once you’ve accessed the shared activities
area, conduct a search using keywords such as: VA SOL, SOL Review, Jamestown
SOL etc…

I would be remiss as a DEN member if I didn’t give a “shout out” to our very
own Quiz Builder in unitedstreaming. This can be used to create your own review
quizzes for your students. If your
school doesn’t have a unitedstreaming
account you don’t have to worry. There
are two ways that you can get access to unitedstreaming.
The DEN is running a special for STAR Discovery Educators. They are offering you a free account to unitedstreaming
Plus for the entire 2007-2008 school year (including the remainder of the
2006-2007 school year). Click here to learn how to set up your new
account. Not a STAR Discovery Educator
but would still like access to unitedstreaming?
Click here and sign up for a free 30-day trial.

Of course these are not the only resources available for SOL review. If you have an activity, lesson or website
that you use, please post it in the comments section. This way we can all benefit from your


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