Seats in the Upright Position

Clipart_vehicles_planes_044 I ventured over to the Teacher Center of unitedstreaming this morning and checked out the calendar for today.  (If you haven’t explored the calendar yet, you should!)  I learned that on May 2, 1952, the world’s first jet airliner, the De Haviland Comet 1, made the journey from London to Johannesburg with 36 passengers aboard.  Lately, my mind has been preoccupied with National Institute this summer.  As I read about the historic flight, my thoughts wandered to the fact that I have not made my flight arrangements to get to Florida in July, as I am one of the lucky people who is going to the Bahamas!

Reading about the historic flight made me stop and wonder at how much we take for granted now, with the ability to select a flight, make our reservations, and pay for it all online.  The 36 people who made the 7,000 mile journey in 1952 most likely had a very different ride from the one I’ll be experiencing in July.  According to the National Air Traffic Controller’s Association, there are approximately 87,000 flights in the U.S. skies on a daily basis, with a little over 30,000 of them being passenger flights.

Take the time today to appreciate all the advances in transportation over the last 50+ years . . . and make those travel arrangements if you’re going to one of the National Institutes!


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