A Teacher Amongst Us…

I don’t really have much to blog about under this topic, but I really wanted to continue with the theme "Amongst Us."  I guess I could add a note about my thoughts. Today,  my class went on a field trip to a local ecology center and I watched as my fourth graders were outside building miniature shelters with rocks and sticks.  I really didn’t have much to "teach" as there was a teacher for the center there. 

I forgot how much fun it could be to just "hang out" with the kids without having to cram in standards, constantly monitor classroom management and be stuck inside a four walled "box."  It’s invigorating to take a step back and just enjoy watching the students interact with one another and to talk with them on an informal level and tell jokes that aren’t sandwiched between division problems.  I have a feeling teaching doesn’t have to be so formal and that we can be ourselves more than we allow.  Maybe that’s something to think about.  Anyway, I’d ponder more, but I have to get ready for STAR tests next week…


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  1. Elaine Plybon - Texas LC said:

    Those are the moments we remember why we are teaching. Wouldn’t it be lovely to find a way to make everyday full of those moments!

  2. Katie Warren said:

    Poignant moments with students nicely captured. They are the reasons we teach.

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