NECC Plans Unveiled

If you are planning to attend the National Educational Computing Conference this June, please join us for some exclusive DEN events.

  • DEN pre-conference event in cooperation with Animal Planet Summer Apl_sa_revised_logo Adventure! – Network with DEN members from across the country, record a podcast or create your own digital movie and interact with animal friends all in one day.  This full day event will be held on Sunday, June 24, 2007.  Bus transportation will be provided between the Omni Hotel and Stone Mountain Park and have you back in time for the evening NECC keynote.
  • Monday Evening Dinner – On June 25, end the first full day of the conference by networking with DEN members from around the country.

To attend the DEN pre-conference event, the dinner or both, please comment to this post by May 18, 2007 with the following information:

  • Which event you would like to attend (or both)
  • Full Name
  • School & State
  • Email
  • Shirt Size

Also, if you are presenting at NECC, please let us know so we can help to promote your session at our booth.  Can’t wait to see you there!


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  1. Teryl Magee - TN DEN LC, Chair said:

    I am so glad that there is going to be a preconferene event. I plan on being there for both the preconference and dinner. Here is my info:
    Teryl Magee
    Dogwood Elementary Knoxville, TN
    T-shirt size, Medium


  2. Cheryl P. Grobel said:

    I’m looking forward to NECC. I plan on attending the dinner.

    Cheryl P. Grobel
    Hampton City School
    Hampton, Virginia
    T-shirt size – Med

  3. Ann Jablonski said:

    I would love to join DEN members for dinner Monday evening. I will arrive in Atlanta too late Sunday to attend the Animal Planet Adventure.
    Ann Jablonski
    Pasadena ISD, Texas
    T-shirt size: large

  4. Suzanne Wesp said:

    I would love to attend both events – preconference Sunday and Monday’s dinner. Had a great time at Dave and Busters in San Diego last year.

    Suzanne Wesp
    St. Edward the Confessor, CA
    Shirt size : Medium

  5. Deborah Thomson said:

    I would like to attend both. I’ve heard such great things about DEN events.

    Deborah Thomson
    All Saints Catholic Academy

  6. Ruth E Manlandro said:

    I would love to Attend the Dinner on June 25th.
    Cathedral Parish School
    Also, I would be interested in working the booth if you need help.

  7. Theresa Meade said:

    I’m interested in both events. Could you please email me? I have a couple of questions.

    Theresa Meade
    Mathematics & Science Center
    Richmond, VA
    size: medium

  8. Peggy Wood said:

    Flying in late Sunday afternoon – so only the Monday evening dinner. Thanks so much – looking forward to this DEN event!

    Peggy Wood
    Elkton Middle School
    Elkton, Maryland
    Size: medium

  9. Dawnn Turner said:

    I plan on attending NECC again this year, it will be my 4th visit. I plan on attending the DEN dinner, I plan to bring a friend which is going with me(I hope that is OK, possible future DEN member). I won’t arrive in time to do the event on Sunday.

    Dinner only
    Dawnn Turner
    Sandlapper Elementary
    Columbia, South Carolina
    Shirt Size: XL

    Thanks, I look forward to meeting people.

  10. Heather Sullivan- NJ DEN LC said:

    ~Count me in for both events-

    ~Heather Sullivan
    Freehold Regional High School
    District, Manalapan, NJ


    Both events are sure to be a blast 🙂

  11. Kim McColman said:

    I’d love to attend the dinner on Monday night. I’ve already registered for a pre-conference workshop on Monday.
    Kim McColman
    Efland Cheeks Elementary, NC

  12. Dorethia Myers said:

    Dorethia Myers
    Hoover Middle School
    San Jose California
    Shirt Size-Large
    I will attend the Sunday event and the dinner Monday night

    If anyone has not booked a hotel, I found a great site
    I am staying at the super 8 downtown at a rate of 45 per night.

  13. Judith Casey said:

    I would love to attend the dinner. I am already registered for a full day workshop, so will not be able to go to Stone Mountain.
    Judy Casey
    Central Elementary, NC

  14. Heather Hurley - VA Blog Coord. said:

    I would love to attend the DEN dinner. I’m attending the Braves game on Sunday so can’t go to Stone Mountain. Thanks for organizing.

    Heather Hurley
    Arlington Traditional School, VA

  15. Deborah (D.D.) Otap said:

    I am interested in attending both and will be attending with a teacher I work with that just applied to DEN today.
    Name: Deborah (D.D.) Otap / Chanda Martin
    Drayton Hall Elementary and West Ashley High / Drayton Hall Elementary
    shirt – 3xl/M

  16. Sheryl Winstead said:

    I would love to attend the dinner on Monday night.

    Sheryl Winstead
    Centerville Elementary School
    Anderson, SC

  17. Kimberly Edington said:

    I will be there and would love to attend both events.
    ~Kimberly Edington
    ~Swift Creek Middle School
    ~Tallahassee, FL

  18. Kelli Murphy said:

    I am planning to join the event and look forward to it.

    Kelli Murphy
    Gettysburg Area School District
    Gettysburg, PA

  19. Kelli Murphy said:

    I am planning to join the event and look forward to it.

    Kelli Murphy
    Gettysburg Area School District
    Gettysburg, PA

  20. Stevie Kline said:

    I would be delighted to attend both events.
    Stevie Kline
    Intermediate Unit 1
    Coal Center, PA

    I am so excited, this is my first time attending NECC.
    Thank you so much.

  21. Bill Lewis said:

    Bill Lewis
    Monday night
    New Braunfels ISD, Texas

    Looking forward to it. Thanks!

  22. Sherry Brott said:

    I would love to attend both. I will be arriving early Sunday morning. Will there be a way for late arrivers to catch up with the group at Stone Mountain later in the morning?
    Sherry Brott
    Carroll ISD, Texas

  23. Kara Leonard said:

    I would love to attend the pre-conference event on Sunday. Murray County School System GA
    Shirt Size Medium

    Thanks for putting this together, can’t wait.

  24. Michele Futch said:

    I can definitely attend Monday night.

    Sunday? I have scheduled to attend a workshop Sunday and the Braves game. But, I am going to check to see if I juggle things around.

    T-shirt size Large

  25. Denise Gooden said:

    Dinner on Monday night sounds great. I look forward to being back in my home state.
    Denise Gooden
    Pasadena ISD, Texas
    T-shirt size: medium

  26. Terri Stice said:

    I was excited to hear there would a pre-conference event for Discovery STAR Educators. I plan to attend the dinner.

    Full Name: Terri A. Stice
    School & State: Green River Regional Educational Cooperative, Kentucky
    Email Address:
    T-Shirt Size: XL

    Also, if you are presenting a

  27. Beverly Plein said:

    I would love to attend the dinner Monday night…last year’s birthday party for the DEN was a blast! Thanks for the invite!
    I would like to bring a teacher who is hoping to become a DEN Star (just not sure if it will be happen before May 18th.) Is that OK?
    I’ll be doing a poster sesson Get Your Students Thinking With Think.Com
    on Wednesday, 6/27/2007, 12:00pm–2:00pm – hope to see lots of friendly DEN faces 🙂
    Arriving too late Sunday to join the group – hope you have a great time!

    Beverly Plein
    Benjamin Franklin Middle School, Teaneck, NJ

  28. Sr. Loretta Glanz said:

    Yes, I would like to register to attend the Den activity – Dinner Monday evening. Thanks.
    I will not be able to participate in the Sunday event because of flying in on that day. Looking forward to another great evening.
    Sr. Loretta Glanz
    St. Mary of Gostyn School
    Downers Grove, IL
    Shirt Size Medium

  29. Debbie Burston said:

    I would love to attend the Monday night dinner. I am new to the DEN just this year and can’t wait!Thanks!
    Debbie Burston
    Sarah W. Starkweather Elem. School
    West Chester, PA
    Extra Large

  30. Julie Mildrew said:

    I would love to attend both events.
    Julie Mildrew
    St. Edward School
    Dana Point, Ca
    Medium shirt
    Thank you for the invite!

  31. LaQuita Hutchinson said:

    I would love to attend the pre-conference event on Sunday.
    LaQuita Hutchinson
    Savannah-Chatham Public Schools, Savannah, GA
    Shirt size: large
    This is great. I can’t wait.

  32. Sawsan Knobel said:

    I would love to attend both events. It is great meeting and connecting with new faces.

    Sawsan Knobel
    St. Edward the Confessor School
    Dana Point. CA.
    Medium Shirt

    Thanks again.

  33. Maryann Bingham said:

    Hey.. Wendy Davis, Angela Gresham and I will be on a plane until 6 ish on Sun.. how late will you be there?
    DEFINITELY put all three of us down for the dinner..
    ALL need 2XL shirts!
    Later! Looking forward to seeing new and old faces!

  34. Ann Meyer said:

    Looking forward to learning all that is new. I would like to attend the dinner on Monday evening.
    Ann Meyer
    Fairview Charter School
    6500 W. Kinnickinnic River Parkway
    Milwaukee, WI 53219
    Shirt 2X

  35. Talitha Simeona-Moon said:

    I would like to attend the dinner on Monday.
    My shirt size is Med.
    Talitha Simeona-Moon
    Beltsville Elementary

  36. Donna Teuber said:

    I will attend the Monday dinner.
    Donna Teuber
    Instructional Technology Services
    Richland County School District One
    Small shirt

  37. Debbie Hamilton said:

    I plan to attend both the preconference event and the dinner. I had a lot of fun at the Den event in Nashville during TETC. Here is my info:
    Debbie Hamilton
    Girls Preparatory School – TN

  38. George Lieux said:

    I am interested in both events, Dinner and the Animal Planet Summer Adventure. I will be in Atlanta in time for both events.

  39. Sherry Brott said:

    Please excuse the second post, but my plans have changed so that I arrive on Saturday. I am definitely looking forward to attending both events.

    Sherry Brott
    Carroll ISD, Texas

  40. Linda Epps said:

    I would like to attend the Pre Conference event and the Monday evening Dinner. Can’t wait to see you there.


  41. Linda Epps said:

    Forget to include request information

    Technology Coordinator
    Orange Middle School
    Shirt size XL

  42. Pam Moore said:

    I would like to attend the dinner with one guest who is a DEN member. I will not be able to attend the Sunday event.
    Size XL t shirt
    Pam Moore
    Department of Instructional Technology
    Mobile County Public School System
    Mobile, AL

  43. Dawnn Turner said:

    Is there still room to join in on the trip Sunday? Plans have changed and the person I’m rooming with is going to be there on Sat. night so I can join if there is room. Please let me know! Oh how fun this all will be! How will we get additional information about the events and do we need tickets?

  44. Jill Baedke said:

    Exciting! I attended the DEN event at our state conference and met many wonderful educators! Yes – count me!

    Both events – please
    Jill Baedke
    Henrico County – Virginia
    T-shirt – size large

  45. Linda Rush said:

    I’m so excited about attending NECC. I hope I’m not to late to register for

    Both events
    Linda Rush
    Notre Dame School – Texas
    T-shirt -large

  46. Howard Martin said:

    Please add me to the list for Stone Mountain as well my previous request for the Monday evening. Thanks.

  47. Rhonda Allen said:

    I would love to attend the Monday Evening Dinner–On June 25
    Rhonda Allen
    Instructional Technology (Alabama)
    Shirt Size: Large

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