Proud Site Launch

DesbThis is a departure from the usual subject matter but if I can’t share this with my blog, what kind of community have we got here?  The next pure media post will be out tomorrow but today I’d like to announce here the launch of a site we have been spending a lot of time and thought on.  It may have application to you. After years of flying to conferences, and hearing the voices of conference planners looking for a speaker resource, we built what we think is the solution. The Discovery Education Speakers Bureau launches today. We wanted a great site for conference planners and committees to get the presentations they want. We began with Jannitadesbthose of us who have experience giving national and regional keynotes and workshops. But we know there are DEN members who also give great workshops and concurrent sessions.  I’ve seen many myself. We would like to also create a DEN teacher presenter page. If you are interested in being part of the DESB, email me. We build that section next. Lancedesb  We’d like to house your sessions for applicable conferences. We will vet everything, of course.  If you are not in the mood to kill yourself building presentations, just visit the site.  I’d really appreciate any feedback. You’ll also get to see nice pictures of your friendly DEN.


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  1. Jennifer Gingerich said:

    Great idea and nice format. This is a new level of networking for the DEN that I think will be beneficial to all and let the STAR educators shine. Count me in!

  2. Kim R said:

    This is a great site for all of you! I definitely think a Teacher DEN presenter site would be great as well.

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