More News from the TN DEN

Our East TN DEN Event is filling up fast!  We can only take the first 30 people, so you want to reserve your spot today.  Sign up by emailing Teryl Magee.

We also received an update from our fellow DENners in the west.  Here is what they had to say:

Hello from the West Tennessee DEN! 

The DEN members on this end of the state are all district Instructional Technology Coaches who conduct PD sessions at schools, so we have wonderful opportunities to meet with teachers (and principals) and introduce them to unitedstreaming, our favorite online resource!  We especially love the new writing prompts that have been added in recent months.

Our end of the TN DEN has posted a few unitedstreaming- and DEN-related podcasts and MediaSite presentations on the Memphis City School site, available for viewing by anyone inside or outside of the district. 

This summer we will offer day-long courses: Online Resources for Elementary Teachers and Online Resources for Secondary Teachers, which will focus on both unitedstreaming and NetTrekker.  We’ll also be offering PowerPoint for Elementary Teachers, which will touch on the availability of images from unitedstreaming’s image library.

We’re already talking to administrators about technology professional development for next school year.  We hope to be able to introduce new teachers to unitedstreaming and support current teachers as they integrate more technology into their teaching.


Cindy Putnam

Jeff Baxter

Scott Holcomb

Jason Parrish


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