A Thousand Thank You(s)

A few weeks ago 1000 students and their teachers from around the country had an opportunity to interact with Dr. Penny Allen, one of the BBC Producers of the Planet Earth series.

After the presentation, a number teachers and their classes created thank you messages.

I’ve put those thank you messages into a PowerPoint presentation and attached it to this posting and I’m sending a link to this posting to Penny today so that she can read all of your messages.

Download penny_thank_you.zip Ok this time the sound should work!

I know that we had a pretty tight turn around but remember you can still leave a thank you message and/or pictures by posting a comment below!

Talk to you soon,

Matt Monjan
Discovery Education, unitedstreaming


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  1. Karen C. Seddon said:

    Wonderful thank yous! Loved the national impact. Thanks for putting these together, Matt. A picture truly is worth a thousand words.

    As always, I am
    Ubiquitously Yours,

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