Collaboration – What’s in your neighborhood?

     While Hall was busy putting the finishing touches on the Discovery Educator Speakers Bureau and doing a great job of editing all of the text and presentation descriptions I sent him, I was taking it easy at Northwestern University attending the 10th annual Collaboratory Symposium. I’m a little embarrassed to admit it was my first visit. Between “prior engagements” and the fact that it was hard for me as a high school person to justify attending a K-8 celebration of online collaboration, I never made it over to the suburb next to the one I was teaching in despite having served on committees for years with one of their key players. Anyhow, just in case you thought retirement for me was just some blogging for the DEN and fawning over my granddaughter, I did spend most of Friday in a large meeting room overlooking Lake Michigan and getting an ear and eye full of the wonderful things students and teachers are doing and sharing through NU’s Collaboratory Project. I was particulary taken with two things. One is the Leonard Bernstein Center for Learning,but that’s a topic for another day. The other subject that tickled my immediate fancy and I feel is worth sharing quickly is the Collaboratory’s  “A Day in Our Neighborhood”  project. What a great opportunity for you to honor and share where your students learn with the rest of the world! I’m going to stick my virtual vertebrae out here and invite you and your classes to join in this year’s sharing of your neck of the woods. Today is the first day to join in. You can check out last year’s neighborhood sharing here. Put the tools we’ve been talking about all year here on the DEN (sounds, pictures, video, Google maps) to good use. Let’s see if the DEN can’t expand the geography this time around. Share your neighborhood’s story with the rest of the world this spring.