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When I was presenting the EdTechConnect Widgetizing the Builders, one of the widgets I wanted to share was a chat box that could be embeded into assignments or quizzes.  Now, you might wonder why anyone would want to embed a chat box into an assignment.  After all, don’t most schools have IM’s blocked within school grounds?

So let’s brainstorm a little

    * Students can ask questions that you or their peers could answer
    * Group discussion is possible even after school hours
    * Teacher can hold evening office hours from his/her own sofa while watching Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?
    * Students can collaborate for group work
    * Chat is behind a passcode, so private to that specific class
    * Discussion can be saved and used in class the following day
    * Students can get instant feedback from each other, rather than waiting until class the next day

And so on.  You get the idea.  Unfortunately for me, the site I had chosen to show off, ChatCreator,  was down during my webinar!  Horrible example.  ChatCreator is back up, but I figured it’d be good to have a backup handy, just in case.

This morning I found GeeSee.  It’s the same sort of thing, instant chat box for your web site, blog or unitedstreaming assignment/quiz.  It’s MUCH prettier than ChatCreator, and has some nice features.  Unfortunately, it’s kinda bloated, and has a minimum width of over 450px.  This blog theme max’s out at around 370, so I can’t embed it well into this blog.  Instead, I’ll just provide you with this obnoxious smiley, which will open the chat in a new window.  But if you’re looking for a chat to embed into your own blog or website, then GeeSee is worth bookmarking!

Start Geesee CHAT


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  1. Janet Hallstrom said:

    While our information services department at the district may think we’re circumventing their policies, I can see a lot of possiblities that might make it worth it!

  2. Scott Meech said:

    I agree with your premise on uses of instant messaging… but too many web 2.0 tools, Geesee for sure, are too hungry for money.

    Reload Geesee a few times and check out their adverts … I like my job in public education to use this particular tool.

    Please don’t let me or my comments stand in the way of web 2.0 as I am totally on board with how much potential is there…

  3. Steve Dembo said:

    Wow, I didn’t see that. Yikes! That’s a great point. Appreciate you mentioning it. I always check to see if a tool is free or not, but fergot to check whether it was “Ad Free”.

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