We appreciate Texas teachers!

This week, May 7-11, is teacher appreciation week.  The Texas Leadership Council would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone who is a part of the Discovery Educator Network how much we appreciate you, and a special THANK YOU goes out to our own Texas teachers, who help maintain Texas’ bigger and better status!  We are regularly amazed at the quality of teachers we encounter through DEN events, webinars, and the blogs, and think everyone should give themselves a Texas-sized pat on the back for all their hard work!  Everyone who comments to this post through Friday, the 11th, will be entered into a drawing for an AMC Entertainment Card!  Tell us how much you appreciate your peers!  Congratulations goes to Tishia Crump, who won the AMC Entertainment Card!  Thank you to everyone who participated!


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  1. Linda Rush said:

    Let’s give an applause to all teachers and their dedication to education. I’ve been teaching for 20 years!

  2. Tishia Crump said:

    I am very blessed to work each cay with some of the most professional and caring teachers around. We know we can look to each other for support, creativity and ideas. I want to say THANK YOU to all that I have the pleasure of meeting through DEN. YOu have inspired me and motivated me to reach for the STARS!!!

  3. Lori Reed said:

    Working with some of the most dedicated teachers around makes my job a real blessing. It is through collaboration and teamwork that we can encourage our students to reach for the STARS, too!

  4. Diedre Cook said:

    I am so excited to be able to work with such an outstanding group of teachers at my school and across Texas. Everyone is so positive and make everyday I spend as a teacher that much better. Thanks for everything.

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