Second Life Roll Call

Ok, it’s about time for the DEN to get rolling in Second Life!  Based on the feedback from my last blog post about it, and the results of the survey that are trickling in, it sounds like some of you are really looking forward to exploring this world with your fellow STAR Discovery Educators.

We’re in the process of setting up shop on EduIsland II right now, so I’m looking for some STAR’s who would like to help take a lead on getting us established within SL.  In particular, I’d like to talk to people who want to help get our headquarters set up and decorated, as well as plan out our official launch party. 

Some experience required for this opportunity!  If you’ve never used SL before, then hold off volunteering until we have ourselves established first. 

So if you’re interested in helping the DEN get launched in SL, leave a comment here with your SL name!


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  1. Beth Knittle said:

    Hi Steve,

    I actually have a place on Eduisland II, and have been looking in the windows of the empty Discovery building. I would be happy to help in anyway I can. I am relatively new myself but am getting the hang of the place. You will find the residents of Eduisland II very helpful.

    My SecondLife name is Beth Kohnke.

  2. darcy said:

    odes this mean we can get some “land” from Discovery?
    ISTE has an island, too…i really want to check it out this summer, and find projects to see what teachers are doing! it would be a great networker for my history/econ/gov’t classes…teen version.
    Anne Truger seems to know it…asi volunteer her~ hope that’s ok, Anne!
    i’ve already order the SL GUIDE from Amazon…yippie! more geeking out commences!

  3. Alice Barr said:

    Hi Steve: I can echo Beth’s comments. There are so many helpful people in SL. I also have a place on EduIsland II in SL and am planning some teacher training this summer. The SL guides from Amazon are great, I can especially recommend the Beginner’s Guide

    My SL name is LillyoftheSea Starr.

    Hope to see you there!

  4. Elaine Plybon - Texas LC said:

    Not currently a Second Lifer, so I won’t volunteer, BUT I’ll definitely get started in there so that I can participate once you guys do what I’m sure will be an awesome job in getting the DEN started there! (It’ll give us something to do over the summer, since we teachers are so “unbusy” during the summer, right?) *grin*

  5. Fred Delventhal said:

    Hi Steve,

    I have been in SL for a couple weeks. I had my first object building lesson last night. Depending on what exactly you want help with, count me in.

    SL name – Riptide Furse

  6. Nancy Sharoff (Laelia Laval - SL) said:


    I’ve already sent you ideas via e-mail. You can ABSOLUTELY count me in. Can help in a number of areas:
    1. Decorating (already put a few sofas, coffee table, and a lamp downstairs so the place looked occupied).
    2. Doing something similiar to ISTE w/ the docents — I think we need to have people at the Discovery HQ to meet and greet and answer questions in general.
    3. Would love to be part of a blog! Discovery has blogs on other topics and states…why not on SL?????
    4. Any chance of getting something together on SL for the Summer Institutes? Would LOVE to help out on that as well.

    I have the book, Second Life: A Beginners Guide. Frankly, I have mixed feelings about it. Things change sooooo quickly (that’s why the blog is vital!) that portions of the book are outdated. I didn’t find that it gave me the ‘nuts and bolts’ for starting out brand new. Had a couple of things that I was able to use. I’m hoping that there’ll be more books out in the future with more ‘how to’ information & information geared towards the educational community.

  7. Steve Dembo said:

    Darcy – No, we don’t have private land for individuals yet, but if this goes smoothly, it isn’t out of the question. However, the DEN HQ on EduIsland II can serve as your communal home.

    As to finding other helpful people, I definitely agree. Many people have pitched in to teach me where to go and how things work. What I’m looking for right now is STAR’s who want to help flesh out the DEN’s precense in SL, in terms of decorating, event planning, and thinking outside the box in terms of what we can and should be doing!

  8. Anne Truger said:


    You already know me in SL as JessieMarie Flanagan. I would love to help out however I can. I am not a code person but can certainly help with brainstorming and decorating! I am so excited to see DEN become a part of all this! I truly believe that SL (or something like it) is goigoing to dramatically affect education in the future and I am thrilled to be balancing on the edge of all that.

    Count me in!!


    P.S. Thanks for the heads up Darc!

  9. Linda Schultz said:

    I have an avatar on SL and I have attended several ISTE events. Kathy Schrock sparked my interest with her blog on the subject. I would be able to help as “staff” on SL once the Discovery building is established. The staff at ISTE has been quite helpful, and I currently sport an ISTE shirt, having a Discovery STAR shirt would be the tops!

  10. Lori Abrahams said:

    I checked out the DEN house – learning so much in just one week on SL. Took a few tours, ventured out on my own and have gotten lots of tips from ISTE and ICE Friends.

    I’m Lor Fredriksson in SL

    What can I do to help?

    I joined the Discovery group too

  11. Erica Roberts said:

    I am also in SL. My avatar is Acire Sands. I was wandering around the DEN place as well. I am a real newbie (haven’t changed clothes in weeks!) but would love to learn more. How do I join the Discovery Group?

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