End of Year Coffee Social

I’ve been trying to sit down and get this written for the last 3 days. Something just SEEMS to keep coming up to delegate it to the back burner. Here goes my proposal for an end of year coffee social.

What: End of Year Coffee Social
Time: 5pm
When: Next Tuesday 5/15/07
Place: Panera Bread @ The Loop, Kissimmee, FL (Corner of John Young Parkway and the Osceola Parkway)
Who: DEN educators of all sorts (I know I will be there, Debbie B. can make a cameo for about 35 minutes, Karen S is committed and ______).

So come on out and join us, share our year experiences and talk about the future.

I just added the event to the calendar. Just click and add your name so we can plan accordingly.



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  1. darcy said:

    man, i’ll be there in spirit.
    i have a question about “mithrass…” it just so happens to be a combo of words used in my other half’s “oblivion” game…know anything about that? i’d peg you gor a “gamer…”
    and that’s not a bad thing…

    you’re lucky to be bringing family to NECC…they can play while we “work.” i was warned to bring a xtra bag to haul home NECC goodies!

  2. Tom Turner said:

    I’ve never played Oblivion…but I am a gamer. Or better yet..a reformed gamer. You really need to read my other blog (*cough*shameless plug*cough)(http://tnturner.edublogs.org) I’ve talked about how I have given up my addiction, and became addicted to reading and writing blogs. As such..Mithrass is my in-game persona name. Do a google search on Mithras and read the wikipedia article on it for background.

    As far as NECC goes..it should be a hopping good time. I think on Lisashusband blog I said sunday..I’m gettign in on Saturday instead..I got my days/dates all messed up.

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