Final EdTechConnect of 06-07

A huge thanks to everybody who applied to be featured during our final EdTechConnect of the 06-07 school year.  We have made our selections and listed below are the four STAR Discovery Educators who will be presenting.  Topics and grade levels vary greatly, so there will be something for everyone!

This is going to be a fantastic way to end a year of EdTechConnects full of learning.  Don’t forget to register early because we do have a limit to how many people can attend.


The Presentations

MaryMary Mueller will demonstrate how to improve the literacy skills of high school English Language Learners by using downloaded audio books. She also will include how to incorporate web sites and unitedstreaming films in building background knowledge prior to reading, how to build vocabulary in increasing reading fluency, how to teach structural patterns in forming metacognitive connections between reading and writing, how to include outlining in strengthening paragraph organization and how to publish written assignments in creating a classroom blog.


Heather Sullivan will be sharing how her high school biology students create digital lab reports with MovieMaker as an alternative to the "traditional typed lab report". Students work in teams & take pictures as they work through a lab. Then they create storyboards, choose audio, edit their movie and present it to their peers as lab reports.

DlaufenbergDiana Laufenberg will be sharing The Power of One, a project that was developed around a visit by Paul Rusesabagina, the man featured in the Hotel Rwanda story. Grappling with the gruesome stories of genocide she chose to incorporate the concept of the power of one person to positively impact the lives of others even when faced with great peril. The project charged the students with identifying a person that has used their life to positively impact the lives of others. They then produced a ‘movie’ detailing the ways in which the life influenced others. Students had to comment on how they do or intend to positively impact the lives of others.


Fred Delventhal will be presenting Spinning Toys: Balance and Motion in Microgravity.  Fred was part of a team of teachers that guided second graders through the scientific process to find out the effect of gravity on spinning toys.  They conducted the experiments on NASA’s Reduced Gravity Jet – The Weightless Wonder.  Fred used this project to introduce new technologies to the teachers involved such as blogging, Flickr, and Google Docs.



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