Flickr Toys: The Ultimate in Creativity

Did you ever find a website that is so useful that you run
and use it almost immediately? The kind
of site that you just have to share with everyone you meet? Well, for me, I
found a site just like that called fd’s Flickr Toys. In fact, the day after I found out about this
site and produced a movie poster in about 5 minutes, I ran to the playground to
tell a sixth grade teacher. She had a
brainstorm and by later that afternoon, the sixth graders were showing me
explorer trading cards they had produced! Talk about a tipping point!

In case you are unaware of the power of Flickr (yes, there is
no “e”), this site, part of the Yahoo family, is a picture hosting and sharing
(and printing as a money making venture!) portal. When users have a Flickr site and go to use
the Flickr Toys, pictures are imported automatically. Even if you upload from your own computer, or
flash drive, it isn’t a burden at all.

So, what is fd’s Flickr Toys all about? Creativity! Students and Teachers can use the web-based tools to produce movie
posters, trading cards, magazine covers, cd covers, calendars and more! The interface on the website is intuitive,
making creation a joy, rather than a chore. Ideas can be saved and/or edited, ensuring that the teacher can check
over spelling and content before over-zealous students print. The site is does have ads and does take some
oversight, especially when it comes to printing, but this is far outweighed by
the creative process.

Just to get your juices flowing, here is a quick list of
other ideas I have already seen:

-CD cover book summaries,
-Virginia famous people trading cards
history calendars
-Book summary magazine covers
-Geometry terms glossary trading cards
-Science experiment results as a movie poster
-Classroom pictures calendars
-Classroom job ID badges

There is so much more you can do with this site! Combine fd’s Flickr Toys and all of those
wonderful images from unitedstreaming
and just go!

Check out the new Flickr Quickstart Blog Post by Wesley
Fryer. It gives lots of great
information if you are new to Flickr.

Oh, and remember to share those wonderful ideas with me!

Aron Sterling
School Based Technology Specialist
Earth, Ocean and Weather Resource Teacher
Springfield Estates Elementary School


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  1. Katie Knapp, VA DEN LC Chair said:

    Aron shared this site with me and my enrichment kids have had a blast creating some really cool make and take activities!!

  2. Tim Childers said:

    Thanks for the site. Way cool! I’ll be looking for ways to utilize them for my tech classes next year. Watch for updates on the TN blog.

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