Do you ToonDoo?

If you haven’t tried the online office suite, Zoho, you’ve
been missing out. While Google Docs and
Spreadsheets and Think Free are great tools, Zoho usually ranks at least as
good or better according to reviews in many major magazines/websites. 

Anyway 🙂 the good folks over at Zoho got their creative
juices flowing again and came up with another great idea! With ToonDoo, you or your students can create
visually appealing cartoon strips based on content standards. Toondoo has a simple interface that allows
a user to insert any image or background from the premade library or even
upload a custom image. The best part is
the use of captions, speech bubbles or thought clouds. 

Toondoo is easy to learn, hosts your product on the web and
will even give you code to embed your comic in another web page. This is a great opportunity to incorporate
simple project based learning into your curriculum. Sign up for a free account and see just how
simple it is. 

One thing I’d like to see the folks over at this site do is
add the option for longer strips or more cells. Of course you can always just create more than one and embed them one
after another. Lastly, remember that
students need to have their comic strip storyboarded out before getting on the
computer. Please share any creations
that you or your students have made by linking in the comments section.


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  1. Chris said:

    Very cool, look forward to bring some more excitement to my website

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