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Teengroup Have you heard about When I received the S.O.S. from Kathy Schrock I didn’t believe this could be true. A social network that you can set up privately so you can use it in your classroom. This is a great social networking site where the social network can be private to only those invited. Our students use MySpace, Bebo, and many others. How can we use this technology to promote learning in the classroom?
I have been investigating the sight and I really like it. I am testing and the possibilities of private social networking for a classroom setting. Let’s test it out and see what we can come up with for ways to use this web page in the schools! I set up a ning at and if you would like to experiment with me on how we can use social networking in the classroom please join me

There are a few issues with the site:

1. There are ads on the page BUT they relate to your topic. The google ads are all educationally based on my network.

2. The site seems to have some issues with IE7. Sometimes the page loads with errors and won’t let you go anywhere. I am hoping this kink gets worked out. It seems to open fine with Mozilla Firefox.

If you want to join in on the experiment go to and request an invitation.

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  1. Tim Childers said:

    I also set up a site at ning. You can find me at Unfortunately, the state of TN has blocked all ning sites through its filtering system, so I cannot enjoy your site at work! 🙁

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