SCeTV Needs Help at the Summer Workshop

SCeTV needs a few volunteers for the Summer Workshops. Are you attending July 31-August 2? If you are interested in helping out please contact Debbie Jarrett

They need help with the following:
7:30-8:30 each day to help pass out name tags, bags, etc.; setting up snacks and making coffee (very important job!). 
Monday (July 30) we have to set up five laptop labs (if you are in Columbia)
Thursday (8/2) afternoon after 3:00 tearing down.

In addition to the Summer Workshops are you attending any state conferences?

SCeTV wants to start having DEN members help at our booths at the state education conferences.  The next one coming up is SCASA – Summer Leadership – in Myrtle Beach, June 17-21.  (SC Edtech in October) Are you going and willing to volunteer?

Contact Debbie Jarrett at SCeTV if you are interested.  


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