Samsung's Hope for Education

Samsung began a contest in April that offers a grand prize of $200,000 in merchandise.  Half of that is in Samsung hardware.  The other half is in Microsoft software.  There are also six First Place winners that will receive $30,000 in Samsung and Microsoft merchandise.  The contest ends July 22nd.

What do you have to do?  Write a 100 word essay that addresses the question, "What is the single most significant benefit that technology can provide in the classroom?"  You can submit your entry online here.

This contest is open to students (under 13 must provide a parent’s email), teachers, administrators…basically anyone with an email address.  You can enter one time for every email address you have.  Between my wife and me, we have eight.  (Of course, I can create up to 100 on my website, but who can write that many essays?).

I have emailed all teachers and administrators at my school to encourage them to enter.  While I would love for our school to wind up with any prize from this contest, I would also like to see a DEN member write the winning essay.  Why?  You get a new laptop, dude!

Take a few minutes and read the rules (the criteria for judging are very clear), and then fill out the form.  Good luck!


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