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Thanks to Bridget Belardi, Jim Hopton, and Lance Rougeux who collaborated to bring the AFI Lights, Camera, Education! workshop to Pittsburgh, PA. . . We just wrapped up an AMAZING two-day AFI workshop with Joe Brennan.  Actually, Lance beat me to the blog; he updated the DEN National blog before the workshop had actually ended. 

I really can’t believe how much I learned.  Seriously, I thought myself somewhat advanced when it came to digital storytelling; I’ve presented it at conferences and workshops for several years and thought I had it fairly under control.  Once again, I was humbled by another inspiring Discovery Educator, Joe Brennan.  The AFI curriculum is superior and Joe is a fantastic presenter. 

All unitedstreaming users can access the Teacher’s Guide and AFI Lights, Camera, Education! training materials by searching for AFI or Lights, Camera, Education! 

As with all the Discovery workshops, I left bursting with ideas for implementing the AFI program into my class.  Joe offered integration ideas that I have never considered before . . . Even though my students have been creating digital documentaries for several years, they were mostly sewing together unitedstreaming videos and still photos to create their historical stories.  I hadn’t thought about challenging them with creating an totally original digital story. 

So, once again, thanks to Joe and the rest of the Discovery team.  Check out the DEN National blog for the links Joe provided as well as the videos that the teams created. 


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  1. darcy said:

    Your “films” were so very cool!
    WE’re looking to set-up a similar event in AZ next fall…can you send me details on the time you allowed, what school (?) sponsored the place, hotel info etc…
    i assume it was a 2-day event?
    We’re looking to do one in Sedona and i thought if given enough time i could recruit a school and teacher up there (Lance suggested a school), to get more DEN recruits.

    ANy hlep with your planning is greatly apprecaited! Looked fantastic! catch me here, at:

    Good job, PA!!!!


  2. Erik Wittmer said:

    We had so much fun and it would have been even more fun if more would have joined us for the two day event in Pittsburgh. Thanks Western PA for putting this together for all of us to enjoy. I told you it was worth a weekend of FUN!

  3. joe Brennan said:

    Thanks for the red carpet treatment, PA! And your speedy chauffering, Bridget! I caught an earlier flight and was home an hour before my scheduled flight took off. Sorry I couldn’t do anything about the Pirates, but the BULLS managed to pull one out and save face.

  4. Bridget Belardi said:

    Thanks to everyone who made the AFI event a success! I already adjusted my lesson plans to incorporate movie-making into the week! I can’t wait to see what the fourth graders can do! Thanks to Lance for the logistical help and a HUGE thanks to Joe for taking the time to come to Pittsburgh! It was inspiring!

    I’m glad you made it home early, Joe!! Not EVERYthing in Pittsburgh is a circle!! Hope you can come back soon!

  5. Elaine Plybon - Texas LC said:

    Congratulations to PA DEN for having the opportunity to have an AFI Film Institute! We had one awhile back in Texas and it was awesome! We’ve already used what we learned in our classrooms and the students LOVE it! Note to anyone who ever has an opportunity to attend but can’t decide: THERE IS NOTHING TO THINK ABOUT! JUST DO IT!!! You’ll be glad you did!

  6. Margo Jantzi said:

    Happy 31st Birthday to Jen Dorman.

    We appreciate the great content you add to the PA DEN blog. I love the AFI resources in unitedstreaming. The workshop sounds fantastic.

    Blessings as you begin a new year of life with exciting challenges ahead.

    Margo in VA

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